Government Admits to Creating Fake People Online

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s document and artifact preserver. NARA is charged with protecting the nation’s data while making it available for current and future generations. NARA has facilities throughout the country that can be accessed on-line or physically at many locations including several Presidential libraries. NARA’s vision is to improve the public’s relationship with the government, by lying and making up false people.

The official name of the mythical people created on-line by NARA is Digital Personas. According to officials the personas represent many demographic characteristics which are designed to make users feel welcomed because they’ll see archive representatives that are of similar traits. This deception warms my hart, how caring. If a customer looks like Frankenstein will they rush to create a monster persona?

NARA admitted this questionable policy when confronted by laughing reporters. Who couldn’t stop laughing as the Head Archivist David Ferriero tried to justify the expense and lunacy of the policy. According to Ferriero archive users need a hug and Uncle Sam is there to give it. Ferriero added they’re working on convict & terrorist personas that’ll be released soon. As reporters continued laughing and falling out of their chairs Ferriero stormed out of the press briefing shouting we’re going to create a bullying persona too.   

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