Broadcasting Your Location for Targeted Ads Geofencing Ok’d

Geofencing creates an electronic fence around a targeted location. When an uninformed consumer walks within this parameter, their actions, location, duration and other factors can and often are tracked by private businesses and government.  Unwitting consumers aid this exploitation by having cell phones, certain inconspicuous APS and by being in Geofencing locations which could be anywhere.

Over the past decade new forms of Geofencing have emerged that perfect tracking, push information to consumers and update users of this information. Common new names are PlaceCast, ShopKick and Zentracker. Other Geofencing products use cell phone GPS, these go by CellSafety, WebSafety, DriveAssist, Guardian Angel MP, iZUP, PhoneEnforcer, Teen Tracker, TxtBlocker and more.

There are even Geofencing technologies meant to prevent distracted driving. Some of the products go by the names CellControl, Key2SafeDriving, OCK, Signal Safe, SimpleTrack, ZoomSafer and more. In Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) Maura Healey prosecuted an Advertising Company for targeted advertising to people entering certain reproductive clinic or methadone Geofencing zones. Per AG this tracking then pushing advertisements is a form of digital harassment; consumers should be entitled to privacy.

Often Geofencing messaging continues for 30 or more days on a cell phone after a consumer enters a targeted zone. Across the country many politicians aren’t likely to pass laws to stop this practice; they’re likely to encourage it hoping to spur job growth. The take away as a consumer, push for two way communication and become a porn star. If you can’t beat them, join them, make sure what you do is out there, you won’t have anything to hide, it’ll be good publicity.

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