Missouri Crooked Parole Board Strikes Again

Governor Eric Greitens increased the 2017 Department of Corrections Budget above the requested amount despite the political climate regarding the department. The department is in hot water for transgressions committed by parole board members. Former Missouri Legislature and current Parole Board member Don Ruzicka resigned from the board on June 12, 2017. Ruzicka and another alleged corrections person played word games for entertainment during parole meetings.

Board members would earn points if they could get convicts to say specific words. In addition, they would earn higher points if they could get a convict to name specific songs. All of this and more was allegedly done without convict nor other board members knowledge. The Inspector General found Mr. Ruzicka guilty of abusing his power and playing with potential paroles lives.

In the past year (2016) Missouri has had four changes to laws dealing with paroles (HB1506, HB2036, SB674 and SB1006). And in 2017 SB436 has been introduced to change guidelines of Parole Board reviews when dealing with prisoners serving more than 25 years. Despite recent legislation board members suggest Champaign and dancing girls be allowed at future meetings. According to an undisclosed board member “having sole control over who stays and who gets out makes prisoners & family members offer up lots of perks. Who could ask for more” said the board member.

More can be found at http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/missouri-parole-board-played-word-games-during-hearings-with-inmates/article_ce6cba9b-5932-52a4-899a-f7644ec4d7d8.html and at http://doc.mo.gov/news/2017_06_12.pdf and at https://oa.mo.gov/sites/default/files/FY_2017_Corrections_EB.pdf and at https://governor.mo.gov/news/archive/governor-greitens%E2%80%99-statement-donald-ruzicka%E2%80%99s-resignation-missouri-board-probation-and

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