HealthCare – Get Sick Now Not Later or You’re Screwed

Director of the Congressional Budget Office Keith Hall presented options for reducing the federal deficit from 2017 thru 2026. This December 2016 periodical report suggests many cuts to America’s health care options. These proposed cuts will slow deficit spending putting America in a better place for its future outlook.

The recommendations are to reduce Federal contributions for its employees, change Medicare cost sharing rules and restrict Medigap Insurance. Reduce Federal Payments for Medical Training and Teaching Hospitals. Limit Medical Research, impose caps on spending for Medicaid, increase premiums, increase cigarette taxes, introduce minimum out of pocket costs and limit Malpractice Claims.

In addition other proposed changes not listed above are to reduce taxes on Health Care Providers, Increase Tricare Enrollment Fees for Working Age Military Retirees, Increase Medicare Eligibility to 67 and Reduce Funding for the National Institutes of Health, Convert Medicare to Premium Support System and to Eliminate Exchange Subsidies. These are some of the proposed options for controlling America’s increasing debt and rising health care costs.

Other cuts not list here in addition to the cuts above will cause more Americans to eat their peas and other fruits and vegetables said CBO Administrators. In an initial statement after the proposed changes Keith Hall said if your income level isn’t in the top 1% you have no business getting sick. He further mentioned he forgot to add a low life and deplorable sick tax as proposed by crooked Hillary.

In a joint press conference Democrats and Republicans touted these proposed changes saying “No non wealthy American should ever get sick or have health coverage, because it’s bad for business.” Just then during the press conference a man with three eyes stood up saying this isn’t right, the proposed changes don’t work for Americans.

When a Senator turned saying what’s wrong? The man said look I have three eyes. The Senator replied, why? The man said I had surgery to fix a broken bone in my hand but they gave me a third eye instead and now I can’t sue for damage. When another Senator said, we’ll at least you can see better. The man replied, I only see shadows and shit and you look like one of the dark ones from here. More can be found at

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