House Republicans Disgusted with Trumps Administration

For Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and other party members the Republican “Six Big Ideas” plan is hanging in the balance. Amongst Trumps never ending drama Republicans see distraction as the new normal. The political climate demonstrates Congress nor can the Executive Branch accomplish much in a distraction laden environment.

In fact a republican house floor sweeper was overheard (listening device left from the Obama Administration) saying there’s a lot more shit in these corridors for me to pick up with this new administration.

Republicans want to focus on “The American Dream”, ” National Security”, “Bailouts”, “Executive Power”, “Obamacare Replacement” and “Tax Reform.” With this new agenda in hand Republicans have created a “Better Way Booklet” for all Americans to read and pledge too.

On The American Dream, Republicans want lower wage work and lower wage jobs expanded, to increase crime legislation and remove voting rights, reduce school programs, increase national debt and demand taxpayers pay for it.

On National Security, Republicans want to give more terrorists weapons, fight more proxy wars, create more terrorist threats and reduce freedom around the world.

On the Economy and Bailouts, Republicans want to remove regulations, expand coal and oil usage, increase privatizing profits and nationalizing loss, but wait there’s more, they want to increase student debt, remove net neutrality laws and change tort law to benefit corporations.

On Executive Power, Republicans want limited power when democrats are in office and expanded powers when Republicans are in office, except Donald Trump.

On Obamacare, Republicans want more sick and dying, according to an undisclosed source House Republicans can reduce the budget, improve environmental conditions by allowing more Americans to die that don’t have health coverage.

On Tax Reform, Republicans want more complexity, corporate and executive write offs, no more mortgage deductions and a flat tax. Maybe this plan is a Democrat and Republican cooperative, it resembles their actions over the last few decades? More can be found at

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