Governor’s Bill to expand Wiretapping Law because everyone must be considered a Suspect

Mass. Governor Charlie Baker’s proposed new wiretapping legislation will effectively make it legal to wiretap grandma and grandpa. The proposed bill will update Commonwealth wiretap laws. These new laws will give “law enforcement the power to criminalize all Bostonians” in order to meet needed quotas said Gov. Baker in a press release.

In a separate statement Lt. Gov. Karyn Pollto said these massive intrusion powers are needed to keep citizens safe from harm. And in no way will this government inappropriately spy on its citizens even though authorized to do so. Secretary of Public Safety and Security Dan Bennett said we’re the good guys; with expanded power like this we’ll keep protecting corporations because it’s the right thing to do.

Despite the rhetoric this proposed change expands designated offenses that will fall under wiretap law, expands Superior Court authority, allows additional 30 days wiretap without renewal application and allows wiretap trolling for crime that hasn’t or may never occur.

This new tool has been requested for years by various Attorney Generals and Police Commissioners, in a joint conference Attorney General Maura Healey and Commissioner William Evans said “the Industrial Prison Complex wins – score one for the good guys.” More can be found at

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