Sen. Catherine Cortez (D-NV) Orders Democrats to go Homeboy Shopping

05/09/2017 Sen. Cortez tells staff step up to the plate, I want homies roaming these corridors. She further commented the Democrat party needs to resemble the population anything less would be sacrosanct. Immediately, after the comment one of her staff members exited the meeting only to return with a box of spray paint. It is then when Sen. Cortez told her staff to slow down she reiterated we’re not giving away the house.

The speech and sentiment is touching. But priorities say Democrats have bigger fish to fry. The message ought to be wake up it’s the economy, taxes, corruption, climate change, lawlessness, war, terrorism, narcissism, fake news and more stupid or your party will get violated again. Which might not be so bad, we’ll have to wait and see?

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