Vice President Mike Pence scolds Obamacare in Florida

The coffin of Obamacare is almost closed; Dracula soon will be no more. Everyday evil Obamacare inflicts suffering on America’s people and businesses.  I want America and Floridians to know this administration hears the cries of your suffering. Just last year millions lost their health coverage across the country, we’ll help them find their lost plans.

Across the country over 20% of counties have one health care provider, that’s not choice unless you’re a tinker toy that does what you’re told without questioning injustice. The country nor Floridians can no longer afford Obamacare, this administration will put a stop to it.

The purse strings on Obamacare will be cut, we’re going to repeal related taxes, end mandates and penalties. More choices, health savings accounts, tax credits, block grants will be the springboard to better health, leading to more choices and lower costs for America’s people and it’s businesses.

We’re putting an end to state sponsored expanding Medicaid across the country, which burdens future generations and weakens our countries future. With the option of block grants states will create programs that work for business and consumers, creating a win win for the country’s economic condition.

Lastly, there will be a work requirement for low life’s in all states.  This requirement will ensure health care coverage is there for those that need it most while controlling costs. This plan won’t be easy to implement, that’s why we’re here, to do the tuff things that need doing, that’s why you the American people unanimously elected this administration. More can be found at

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