President Trump denounces Obamacare during Make America Great Again Rally in Nashville, Tennessee

“I want to massively cut taxes so bad it hurts, you wouldn’t believe where it hurts.  Just believe me when I say it hurts.  Cutting taxes is on the back burner.  First I have to deal with evil Obamacare that’s sucking the life out of our country, it is, it really is, it’s unbelievable.

If we leave Obamacare in place billions and billions including deplorables (sound familiar) will lose their health care coverage, this isn’t acceptable, the horror story must end and this I vow to do for America’s businesses and the American people.  Why should democrats be allowed to rape the country when out of power? Not on my watch, they’re the little guys, they’re marching behind a new sheriff that’s going to make American Great Again”.

The Presidents rhetoric was feisty, non-apologetic and straight to the point and the crowd loved it.  More can be found at

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