The President Remarks in an Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) bashing session at the Whitehouse

Counties all over the country are reduced to having one insurer choice for the region. A stark contrast to previous statements such as “You’ll be able to pick your plan and the doctor you want” as mentioned by the previous administration. For many Americans reality is you don’t pick your doctor and you don’t pick your plan.

According to the president “Billions and billions of Americans lost their plans and doctors through Obamacare, while the same people and many more, many many more have seen their premiums increase by triple digits. This isn’t the broken system they signed up for, I’m here to fix their Obamacare crisis, it is a crisis, a serious crisis, it’s bad, I’m going to improve healthcare for all, trust me it’s going to be better, much better, you’ll like it, I mean really like it, it’s going to be great” said the President.

According to the president the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will create plans no one has thought about, not even insurance companies, everyone will be pleased, including insurers and insurance consumers. AHCA has been described as the Obamacare killer, Republicans and the President stress it’ll provide citizens with more choices at lower costs.

GOP lawmakers and the President believe they are putting themselves in harms way by appealing and replacing Obamacare before its supporters see it crumble. The President repeatedly warned Republicans repealing Obamacare before implosion will leave Republicans on the hook for destroying healthcare when it’s the ACA and democrats that deserve credit for destroying healthcare.

The president recommends Republicans do nothing with the ACA for a year, choosing to let it crumble on its own weight, allowing democrats to take full blame for healthcare failure. Once failure occurs the president suggests only then should republicans implement replacement legislation. This recommendation is risky for Republicans, the President and most of all the American people. More can be found at

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