American Health Care Act (AHCA) versus the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Today President Donald J. Trump began the journey of his campaign promise to repeal and replace “The Affordable Care Act” (ACA).

The AHCA per the President “will save the country and future generations of taxpayers hundreds of trillions within the first ten years of its enactment'”

My initial thoughts were this is a large number, maybe the President misspoke?

Then the President said for the press not to misquote his statement and reiterated hundreds of trillions will be saved and “it’s good the ACA will be repealed before it had a chance to blow up in the taxpayers faces, it’s a terrible bill, a terrible bill, a terrible bill, a really terrible bill” said the president before he was off to discuss the AHCA next steps with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. More can be found at¬†and at

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