Hale the National Quantum Initiative Act

Representative Lamar Smith sponsored H.R.6227 the “National Quantum Initiative Act of 2018”. Representative Smith & Senator John Thune both agree the U.S. must win the quantum race against China, Europe, kids, Russia, comic superhero’s and whoever else will get U.S. taxpayers to fund another super project that’ll partner the federal

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Fight To Stop Police Killings In Full Swing

Picture CA Governor Jerry Brown

In California the legislature wants to control police killings. Since 2015 California has made small moves to curve unnecessary or controversial police killings. Beginning with 2015’s Assembly Bill 71 (AB71) California mandated law enforcement agencies (LEAs) report use of force, especially those resulting in physical harm, death or serious injury.

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North Carolina Fights To Bring Daughters to Work

Picture of Maid Dog

Senate Resolution 464 (S.Res.464) “Resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day” has been brought forward by congressional do-gooders once again. The full weight of the U.S. Congress is needed to extend something so basic it should not be needed. This reincarnation of

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Giving Away The House To Bring In Oil Companies

Many states have sold their clean environments and/or resource rich landscape to oil companies with the intent of producing jobs and additional tax revenues. Almost as if in a bad movie script, many states that entice oil companies such as Oklahoma & Florida end up reducing taxes on these companies

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Judiciary Woman Unsafe Because Of Judges

Picture of Judge Dog

The Federal Judiciary’s own report on workplace behavior, highlights typical power abuses amongst judges cascaded down to their staffs. The executive summary given to the Judicial Conference of the U.S. early June 2018, highlights Chief Justice Robert’s correct decision to call for an internal investigation into Judiciary workplace behavior. The

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Kentucky Moves TO Imprison Citizens At Will

Picture of scales of justice

Kentucky’s House Bill 169 (HB169) was passed by the General Assembly April 2018. The new law aka “Gang Violence Legislation” makes gang recruitment a felony. In order to realize this goal it was necessary for lawmakers to make generic behavior criminal. In addition, some law makers voiced concern, saying in

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Did Russia Influences U.S. Energy Markets

Picture of ballot box

The Committee on Science, Space, & Technology (SST), is sure Russia (Kremlin) sanctioned a geopolitical effort to control & persuade U.S. citizen thinking & preferences. Russia’s ultimate goal was to influence U.S. energy markets (EM). This Kremlin plot to manipulate the U.S. EM was designed to take place over social

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Officials Say Open Private Data Can Be Protected

Chairman Lamar Smith

The Committee on Science, Space & Technology (CSST) believes open data & protecting privacy is doable. At least allegedly according to the CSST Chairman Lamar Smith, having open data exchanges for scientific studies & other government program studies where data is swamped between academicians, private industry & government is ok,

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Kentucky Do-Gooder Laws Go In Effect July 2018

Picture of woman in swimsuit

The Kentucky Legislature had a new set of do-gooder laws that mostly went into effect on the 14th of July2018. These General Assembly laws requires mundane requirements such as students are required to be taught abstinence education, one question, when did this training ever work? Let’s see, little Jane gets

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California Cracks Down On Polluters

Picture CA Governor Jerry Brown

The “California Air Resources Board” (CARB) needs additional funding. To collect more fees from polluters CARB will travel & work with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to nab ma & pa polluters. They plan to create impromptu inspection locations to nab & fine CO2 bandits. The tandem goes on to

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Army Wants Three Armed Soldiers

War poster

It’s no secret the U.S. Army wants its soldiers to be more lethal. With the threat of war growing in Asia, Africa & in the Middle East, military commanders are in search of an advantage that’ll tip the scales in their favor. This led top leaders to brainstorm ways to

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Congress Needs More Taxpayer Revenues

Photo of Comptroller of GAO Gene L. Dodaro

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Americas fiscal future is in jeopardy. The report is dire in its conclusions; it implores the executive & legislative branches to make immediate provisions to cut spending while raising revenues. The report goes on to clarify the government is on an unsustainable

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Connecticut’s Diminishing Government Ethics

Picture Connecticut-Governor-Dannel-Malloy

The Connecticut Office of State Ethics has been busy over the past few years. In 2018, one has to but view the Public Officials or Lobbyist violations of the Ethics Code to wonder who’s teaching our government employees ethics. Could it be that prisoners, gangs or criminals are teaching our

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More Bacteria Contamination in Rhode Island


Bacteria contamination continues to increase across the country. Alaska, Rhode Island (RI), Florida & California are some of the states closing lakes, beaches & other water ways because of bacterial contamination. In RI the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has been forced to close Briar Point Beach, Tiogue Lake, Goddard Park

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Winners\Losers as Louisiana Prioritizes

Picture Louisiana Governor John Edwards

The State of Louisiana has its share of problems. Opioid addiction, state tax code reform that’s about to expire creating a $1 billion dollar tax shortfall because temporary tax levies are about to sunset. That’s not all, the state has tree & fertilizer issues, insect, disease & soil contamination issues,

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